Youth Taekwondo

6 -13 Years Old

The youth program helps positively prepare children for a competitive world. By teaching our youth cause (hard work) and effect (excelling in life) we instill principals that will guide them through grade school, college and beyond. Training at HK Taekwondo helps kids understand why it is important not to give up. By consistent training, they will develop a “survival spirit”.

Our Program includes encouraging our students to practice important characteristics such as, ‘leadership’, ‘integrity’, ‘harmony’, ‘respect’, ‘perseverance’, and ‘responsibility’ with an accountability sheet at home. We notice that not only do kids understand the meaning of the ‘words’ but they also appreciate knowing that they can practice them in their lives. Our school truly believes in healthy exercise. So, we do track work outs, stretching homework, etc.

We try our best to give them a good work out and cover them with sweat before they leave the studio! We see that kids get stuck on the sofa playing video games or watching TV which are big enemies for their growing bodies and health and do our best to combat that.



Our Little Tiger Class helps your 3-6 year old kids(preschoolers) learn many skills: basic mobility, focus, following directions, obeying rules, applying directions to body motion. We designed this program to be very fun. So, kids can do this without any stress. Still, we enforce rules and manners.

Kids can learn basic kicks, blocks, and punch movements. Sometimes, parents worry that their kids will be aggressive by taking martial arts classes. However, our experience is the very opposite. If they can kick and punch all they want in a controlled environment, they have no desire to do so somewhere else….they learn when it is appropriate and rewarding to kick and punch.

 Sometimes we move 5 year old kids to our youth program which is 6-12 years old because their abilities are more developed.
Call us to schedule a one on one assessment class to see if your child is ready to sign up for this program.


Check back for information on our joint sports camps at the Crossover!

Performance Team

The HK Taekwondo Performance Team is a program designed to allow students to take their Taekwondo training to the next level by competing. Through competing, the students learn new skills and improve greatly. They are given the opportunity to compete at the local, State, Nationals and International Level. Our Team has been competing since 2013, creating many State, National and international Champions. In 2019, our competition team brought 7 Podium stands during USA Taekwondo Nationals. Our Team has many top 10 USA Taekwondo National Athletes.

Nutrition Counseling

We offer one on one nutrition counseling with our dietitian Ronika Kim, RDN, LD. Specialties include:

Child & adult taekwondo athlete nutrition,
Intuitive eating and Health at Every Size
Picky eating,
Pregnancy and postpartum nutrition

Diabetes management

How can nutrition counseling can help your child? Proper nutrition and hydration can help prevent injuries, with focus, fuel optimum performance, and ensure that each child has enough fuel to train AND grow at a healthy rate. There are many factors that affect how much and what kinds of foods each child needs: age, developmental stage, height, weight and training schedule. Meal content and timing are key elements to consider. Working with our dietitian will provide support in this area, helping to make it easy as possible! Services will be tailored to each individual adult or child’s needs and goals.

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~Nutrition counseling available for adults and children, with discounts for all taekwondo members and their family members

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