“HK Tae Kwon Do is an amazing place for children to learn good disciplines and hand/eye coordinations. My two boys have been coming here for almost a month and they love coming to class. They have already grown in learning to listen, being respectful to each other and being interactive with other kids through games and martial arts fundamentals like kicking, punching and stretching. The staff here are also very friendly and great with kids. I would highly recommend for kids 3 and up.”
– Lena & Kevin H

“I was searching for a Korean-owned taekwondo studio for my son, and heard about HK Taekwondo from a friend. They have a “Tiny Tigers” program geared for the youngins (appropriate for ages 3-6, give or take), which has been perfect for my 5 year old. At thirty minutes long, the class is the right amount of time for the kids. Any longer and they’ll probably lose their attention span and start goofing off.

When I think of a taekwondo instructor, I think of someone who is strict, “scary”, and hard core. (Granted, that’s probably what my generation grew up with, so that’s what I’m expecting.) Imagine my surprise when I meet Master Kim, and find him to be warm, approachable, and hilarious! His personality is perfect for dealing with small children. His teaching style mixes in fun and humor, yet still demands focus and attention. He has a way with these kids where they listen and respond. You can see how much they respect him and want to please him, and how much they’re enjoying themselves. And it’s a two way street; you can also see how much Master Kim adores these children. He genuinely seems to love his job!

Bottom line: My son loves coming here. I love that he loves coming here. So here is where we’ll stay.
– Emily N

post2 “So glad we found this place! Actually not on yelp but through friends’ recommendation. There are many Taekwondo places here in this area to choose from but we wanted to find something that’s taught by Koreans who learned this martial art in Korea (just wanted to find something that’s authentic). Mr. Kim is just phenomenal. Not only is he great in Taekwondo but he loves children and he is great with them! Something that’s rare in this type of sports. He remembers most of his students names, he knows their progress, he is easy to talk to and he is always around to greet everyone!

We were a little surprised about all the programs they offer on the website but once you visit their facility you just see how much fun the children have. Their after school program is in a separate area from the gym. Depending on the time and program it can get a little crowded and seating for adults can be limited.

Our 7 year old son and 4 year old son started Taekwondo and they both love it. For the little ones they make it fun with lots of games and breaks in between and of course teaching them the basics of Taekwondo. For the older ones it’s all about discipline, coordination, strength training and learning to love and respect the sport. Perfect for my boys!

If you sign up for a year it is 125$ a month and you can come as much as you want to during the week (so it is totally worth it!!!). There is a one time registration fee 50$ and 40$ for the uniform. You can also sign up for a free two trial (you can come as often as you want to during those two weeks!). We absolutely love it here! 5 stars all the way!!
– Eri J

“Are you looking for a South Korean TKD instructor who challenges and develops stronger character in students?

Master Kim (Owner of HK Taekwondo) balances discipline and firmness with warmth and encouragement. The classes integrate drills and exercises to develop student’s agility, strength, flexibility, endurance and core muscles. The students who work hard, sleep and eat right, look healthier and in greater shape. They also have a tendency to improve their confidence, discipline, competitiveness, and focus.

When the student is more committed about TKD, expect a lot more than a regular TKD class. For example: seminars, tournaments, long training hours, poomsae classes, core workouts, boot camp style classes, etc. Master Kim is always looking for ways to get the best out of the students.

Master Kim is: Respectful, humble, kind, and personable. He’s strict, but approachable and at times even fun (especially with the younger students). Master Kim is clearly passionate and genuine about what he does and this is reflected in the many quality hours he’s investing in his students (Mon to Sat). Yes, HK TKD is ultimately a business, BUT you can easily see that his focus is to provide kids a unique experience and the best training possible. Master Kim understands the simple premise that by trying to build one of the best TKD teams in Austin, the business side will take care of itself.

Lastly, if you want your kid to work harder at getting a black belt (advancement may take a bit longer), if you are okay seeing your kid get pushed to be the best while receiving a few kicks here and there, then look no more. When kids and parents are committed there are higher chances to see a more focused, motivated, fit, resilient, though and disciplined student.
– Joel C

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