In my experience, Taekwondo is one of the the best tools to improve our lives. There are benefits to many areas of life, but for now,
I would like to talk about what Taekwondo can do for you physically, specifically for the young ones.

In our school, I see 4 groups of students.

1. Peewee 3-6 years old,
2. Youth 6-12 years old,
3. Teen 12- 20,
4. Adult 21 – ?

Why do I divide the student body into age groups? Each group has different needs. I think it is very important to recognize that and teach with those needs in mind.

Youth can be molded and shaped the most. However, Peewee age is a very important time because this is the time when one can maximize their potential for youth age.

In Peewee age, we teach kids to recognize what is being taught, visualize, process in their brains, and perform. We also help them to control their behavior in a group environment. Lastly, I believe that Peewee is a very important age to establish some flexibility, especially in this era; when everyone likes to sit down and do ‘electronics’.

These are very import skills to be master before they become youth.

One year, I had 2 and half year old kid. He was very young but was a perfect candidate. One time I had a 5 year old who wasn’t ready at that time. Later, his parents brought him again. He hit it off with our program very well. Kids can hit maturity in different ages, just like a growth spurt. Only God controls that. One is not more superior than another because of the maturity level.

So, what is the youngest age to start Taekwondo?
The best way to find out is having a one on one time with the instructor to see if they are comfortable on the mat in a group session. So, if you have a little one and you’re not sure if they are ready yet, please bring them in to meet us and find out!

I am not a psychologist or any sort of growth specialist. This is based on my 20 years of teaching, purely.

If you have any questions or input, please leave your comments below.